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Delta debuted its latest safety video showcasing uniform transformations from 1940 to the newly launched 2018 collection.
In a one-of-a-kind fitting experience, Delta employees suit up in their favorite new styles as they gear up for the unifo​rm takeoff.
​​​​Testing, testing, 1,2,3. To ensure the uniforms were just right, employees tried out the new style in their daily work environment to stitch up design issues and iron out any uniform kinks.
It's time for the big reveal! Delta employees step into the limelight to strut their stuff on the runway during the unveiling of the final uniform line.​
​​​Try taking a walk in someone else's… wings. Posen and his team shadow employees in the airport, maintenance facilities and in the sky, and hear focus group feedback on what the design needs to succeed.
A match made in airline heaven. When Delta’s look needed an update, there was only one designer up to the task. Coming next week: Episode 2 "The Collaboration." Catch up on previous episodes here.
Zach Posen on the Cover of Sky Mag
Before he brings style to Delta’s runway, Zac Posen is bringing style to Delta’s Sky magazine as the cover subject. Sky interviewed Posen about his creative roots growing up as the son of an artist...