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SkyMiles Medallion Members can now apply to reclaim their status after major life events impact travel.
Close the Gap
The iconic voice of actress Viola Davis guides viewers as they witness these childhood moments from different perspectives, illustrating how "we're more alike than we are different."
Zone boarding, an aviation standard for decades, will soon be a thing of the past for Delta customers as the airline makes a global shift to boarding by branded fare purchased.
Customer Using Facial Recognition Boarding
Português (Portuguese)
A partir deste ano, os clientes de voos internacionais podem usar a tecnologia de reconhecimento facial que detecta os passageiros desde a calçada até o portão do terminal F do Aeroporto de Atlanta (ATL)
Customer Using Facial Recognition Boarding
Español (Spanish)
Comenzando este año, los clientes internacionales podrán usar tecnología de reconocimiento facial desde que llegan a la terminal F de Atlanta
Runways Ad-Viola Davis
Launching March 5, the campaign celebrates customers who get out into the world to chase after new experiences, while encouraging others to do the same.
Delta people from frontline employees to directors learned from TED fellows, leaders, and each other how empathy contributes to unmatched customer service.