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Delta people dress for success. In a one-of-a-kind fitting experience, Delta employees suit up in their favorite new styles as they gear up for the unifo​rm takeoff.
​​​​Testing, testing, 1,2,3. To ensure the uniforms were just right, employees tried out the new style in their daily work environment to stitch up design issues and iron out any uniform kinks.
Below Wing Employees
On May 29, Delta's new uniforms take flight in an airport, hangar or cabin near you.
Employees raised more than $689,000 for the American Cancer Society — and got some exercise and settled bragging rights in the process.
It's time for the big reveal! Delta employees step into the limelight to strut their stuff on the runway during the unveiling of the final uniform line.​
Over 250 Delta volunteers built Delta's first KaBOOM! playground at Angels Reach Academy in Miami.
​​​Try taking a walk in someone else's… wings. Posen and his team shadow employees in the airport, maintenance facilities and in the sky, and hear focus group feedback on what the design needs to succeed.
Delta became the first Atlanta company and U.S. airline to host honey bee hives built and supported by Bee Downtown, an innovative startup focused on stabilizing a healthy honey bee population.
A match made in airline heaven. When Delta’s look needed an update, there was only one designer up to the task. Coming next week: Episode 2 "The Collaboration." Catch up on previous episodes here.
‘Designing Delta’ six-part miniseries gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of the new Delta look.