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Delta has once again proved the skeptics and naysayers wrong, according to a story in The Motley Fool, “Delta’s Refinery Bet is Finally Paying Off.”

Delta acquired the Trainer refinery facility in Trainer, Pa., in 2012 as a means to hedge against Delta’s exposure to refining margins and to provide self-supply of its own jet fuel, the company’s largest expense at the time.

“A savvy investment…Delta’s refinery is doing exactly what it was supposed to do.”

When Delta purchased the refinery, it had recently been closed by ConocoPhillips because it was losing money.  Despite initially poor results while the team restarted the mothballed refinery which led analysts to prematurely believe the purchase was a poor decision, the investment, according to the article, is “paying off in a big way in 2015, validating the company’s strategy.”

Having paid just $150 million for the refinery, Delta has now managed to get the refinery back on track and it is on pace to exceed $300 million in annual refinery earnings this year.

“A savvy investment,” according to the article, also stating “Delta’s refinery is doing exactly what it was supposed to do.” It is allowing Delta to hedge against big swings in U.S. refining premiums while also contributing some incremental profit over time.”

The article concludes, “Chalk it up as another win for Delta’s farsighted management team.”