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Based on customer feedback, Delta will soon launch personalized company sites that allow corporate travelers to stay up to date about the benefits they receive due to their company's Corporate Sales Agreement. These sites, which allow corporate travelers and travel managers to easily access all of their Delta benefits through one convenient, customized portal, will be available to U.S. accounts this November.

"More and more, people are looking for an increasingly personalized experience from the brands they interact with. This is true across industries, and the corporate travel experience is no different," said Kristen Shovlin, Delta's V.P. - Sales Operations and Development. "We've been on a journey for several years to offer increased account-specific options and more personalization for our corporate customers and travel managers, making Delta easy to do business with. Our corporate customers aren't one-size-fits-all, so their experience with Delta shouldn't be, either."

Similarly, earlier this year Delta began offering direct, account-specific messaging on corporate benefits, via the Fly Delta app and, which Corporate Travel Managers can also personalize further through co-branding.

Here are five other ways Delta is providing an increasingly personalized experience for its corporate customers, and for corporate travelers.

Getting Personal with Operational Reliability Reporting

This year, Delta became the first airline to offer trip-level operational reporting metrics, providing corporate customers with account-specific reporting on the routes on which their travelers actually fly. Delta's position as the most on-time global airline spurred it to create an operational performance commitment for corporate customers in 2015, which the airline expanded in 2016. This year's announcement of trip-level reliability reporting, based on customer feedback, is the next step in giving customers increasingly personalized operational performance information.

One-on-one consultation

In late 2017, Delta began taking a consultative approach to its corporate sales agreement accounts through offering seat-product cost and value information, with the goal of providing corporate travel managers with the best information possible so they can make decisions that are right for their travelers. Using internal Delta data, the airline works with corporate customers on topics such as travel policy to provide custom scenario analysis by different branded products, geographies, lengths of haul and for certain subsets of travelers.

Saying thank you, on the ground and 30,000 feet up

When corporate travelers fly with Delta, they receive a personalized welcome greeting specific to their company when they check in online or via kiosk.  Also, Delta's flight attendants are equipped with a Guest Service Tool, launched in 2017, that allows them to provide corporate travelers with personalized service including recognition, special assistance or attention, and even down-line flight and gate information, when their company has opted in to participate in this program. 

Work hard, play hard

In 2018, Delta launched a new multi-channel campaign to share fun destination information, available via, with corporate travelers who are flying to New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco on an itinerary that includes a Saturday night stay. This campaign, which recognizes that business travelers are increasingly combining leisure activities with business trips, may be expanded to other destinations in the future.

24/7 support

It's nothing new, but it's the most important thing Delta offers: around-the-clock support, with industry leading customer resolution, individual attention and personalized service. Delta is proud to offer a global sales support team that's open for business whenever customers are traveling.

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