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New operations milestone for Delta

FlightOps Milestone 185 days record

Delta has achieved another operational milestone: the airline has conducted flights on  185 days so far this year during which no flights were canceled for maintenance reasons.

Put another way: That’s more than half of the total days in 2015, a record for the airline. And  more than 70 days remain in the year to extend that record.

“It’s an amazing achievement, and one I know is done with an uncompromising stance toward safety,” said Don Mitacek, Senior Vice President-Technical Operations. “Aviation is the ultimate team sport and every role at TechOps-- no matter if in components, distribution, line maintenance, planning or base maintenance--is important to making this happen.”

TechOps working on an engineThe milestone adds yet another operational highlight during 2015, during which so far 118 days without any mainline cancels for any reason – including weather -  have been achieved along with industry-leading on-time performance as measured by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

How do Delta TechOps maintenance teams pull off this statistical – and logistical - feat? Mitacek said there are several key factors:

  •         Ensuring that the number of aircraft unexpectedly out of service at any given time is low. That takes a lot of maintenance know-how.
  •         Making sure the right aircraft parts are in the right places at the right time, using analytics to anticipate aircraft maintenance problems before they occur.
  •         Relentless execution by the TechOps teams to drive top-notch performance when repairs or maintenance are needed.

“Much of the work we do goes unseen by customers but we take great pride in ensuring that we have a ready airplane for our customers and our other colleagues before every flight,” Mitacek said. 

- Morgan Durrant

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