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Delta, in partnership with the Port of Seattle, is piloting a new program at Seattle’s T91 cruise terminal to allow cruise ship passengers to drop off their bags and explore the city with ease before catching their flight home.

Cruise customers checking bags at T91 cruise terminal in Seattle
Cruise ships arrive in Seattle early in the morning, and many passengers’ flights home are scheduled for later in the afternoon. Through the new program, cruise ship passengers traveling home on Delta can check-in and check baggage with a Delta Customer Service Agent at an onsite Delta facility as soon as they disembark at T91, allowing them to explore the city and contribute more to the local economy before heading to the airport. Customers who have morning flights can head straight to the airport, bypassing the check-in area.

The program launched late July with a small team of Seattle-based Customer Service Agents checking nearly 200 bags, all without any signage yet in place. Since then, Delta has checked in more than 6,500 passengers and 6,000 bags and has received positive feedback from customers. The program will continue every day a ship calls in Seattle through Oct. 1.

“Delta strives to be a great partner to the communities we serve, and cruise ships are a major driver of the economy in Seattle,” said Mike Medeiros, Delta’s Vice President – Seattle. “This program is a great example of that partnership in action, implemented in a way that drives greater contribution to the economy in Seattle through tourism and greater satisfaction for Delta customers.”

Passengers are notified of the service through communications from the cruise lines at booking, onboard throughout the week of their cruise and by signage placed in the cruise terminal directing them to the Delta check-in.

Delta is the only airline participating in the pilot. If the program continues to be successful, the airline would like to continue offering the service for the full cruise season in 2017.

Along with Sea-Tac, cruise ships are a major contributor to the economy in Seattle. The Port of Seattle is the busiest cruise port of the West Coast. According to the Port, each time a ship docks, it contributes $2.6 million to the local economy. For many cruise ship passengers, Delta crew members are the first to welcome them to Seattle.