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Delta operations teams are planning for a swift recovery Saturday after a disruptive late-winter storm hit airports along the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Gusty winds and high crosswinds exceeded allowable limits for flights and ground operations throughout much of Friday, causing about 900 mainline and Delta Connection regional flight cancellations, with additional cancellations possible. In particular winds in excess of 50 mph prevented Delta teams from being able to safely de-ice aircraft during snow and mixed precipitation.

About 60 more cancellations are on the books for Saturday as teams work to restore normal operations with the help of a lighter weekend flight schedule and improving weather. Gusty winds will remain in the region, but are expected to stay within operating limits.

Delta issued a weather waiver Thursday for customers to adjust their schedule if traveling through the cities affected by the storm. Customers are encouraged to check or the Fly Delta Mobile App for the most up-to-date flight status information.


10:30 a.m. Friday update:

A powerful late winter storm could bring winds in excess of 50 mph in some areas along the Northeast coast, including at New York City-area airports. As a result, Delta has proactively canceled approximately 750 flights to and from the Northeast and New England Thursday night and Friday, with more disruptions possible.

The forecasted gusty winds, increasing in intensity over the course of Friday, will pose a challenge for airline operations. In particular, high crosswinds at the New York airports may, at times, exceed allowable limits for certain regional and mainline aircraft. Those winds may also prevent ground crews from provisioning aircraft with catering and may hamper de-icing efforts—a safety requirement anytime snow or other frozen precipitation is falling.

Customers are encouraged to check or the Fly Delta mobile app for the most up-to-date flight status information.

winter weather waiver has been issued for affected cities from Washington, D.C., as far north as Portland, Maine, and as far west as Cleveland. This waiver allows customers the ability to make a one-time change to their travel plans without incurring a fee.

Delta will also proactively re-position aircraft away from the New York airports during the most significant impact from the storm, making them available to quickly restart flights once the storm passes. The snow and heavy winds are forecasted to taper off late Friday night and Saturday. Delta will aim to rebound its operations in the region Saturday.

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