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By-the-numbers: Delta TechOps celebrates AMT Day

Delta TechOps’ employees celebrated Aviation Maintenance Technician day at the Atlanta Technical Operations Center Thursday, with leaders thanking and recognizing the professionalism and prowess of Delta’s maintenance professionals. A similar event to be held at Delta TechOps’ Minneapolis/St. Paul base in June.

A video featuring interviews with TechOps employees is coming this weekend to recap the action. Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the festivities:

·         1- how many mechanics the Wright Brothers had. His name was Charles Taylor and is recognized as the first aviation technician. He was born on May 24 - hence the day being set aside for AMTs.

·         6,000 - total employees celebrating

·         40 - vendors and suppliers support the event with prizes and giveaways, such as GearWrench, MSC Industrial Supply and Mobil Jet

·         May 24- the official AMT day set apart by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration recognizes the aviation maintenance profession.

·         26 -total pieces in a Delta TechOps branded ratchet screwdriver set presented to each TechOps employee.

·         10 - number of vintage aircraft on display, including a WWII-vintage P51 Mustang

·         20 - total number of classic cars displayed, including some owned by employees

·         2.8 million - total square footage of the Atlanta TOC

·         10 and 12 - hangar bays at the TOC where celebrations took place