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As part of its Living the Dream initiative, Heartis Senior Living Center helps residents recreate meaningful moments in their lives. For resident Geraldine, that meant one more trip in the galley – a dream one member of the current generation of Delta flight attendants was only too happy to help fulfill. 

Cathy Robinson, the activities director at Heartis, contacted her daughter, flight attendant Dekota Hunter, as soon as she learned of Geraldine's wish. 

"As soon as she called me, I said—okay! I'll handle everything and give you the details," said Dekota. While Geraldine had worked for the now-defunct Eastern Airlines, Dekota said she felt an instant connection with her. "I feel like once you're a flight attendant and join that community, you're one forever. I knew I wanted to bring her to Delta for a day." 

Heartis Senior Living Center resident receives her Delta wings

Dekota coordinated with the Delta Flight Museum to bring Geraldine in. "Everyone at Delta was so hands-on and helped make this happen. I love that having the Flight Museum lets us bring visitors to see Delta's history," said Dekota. "Ten other Heartis residents came with Geraldine and each of them had some tie to the aviation industry, which was very cool to see." Once they were seated, Geraldine gave the safety instructions to the residents alongside Dekota.

Before the visit, Dekota told several fellow flight attendants what was happening. So Abby Cantrell, Tacie Fritz, Joy Bhatia and Ramona Washington gathered gifts for Geraldine, including a Delta flight attendant bag, a miniature Delta plane ornament and some red lipstick.And perhaps Geraldine's favorite gift? A flight attendant scarf given to her by Dekota.  

Heartis Senior Living Center resident receives Delta gifts

"My mom told me Geraldine wears it down to breakfast each morning with her red lipstick," said Dekota, noting that she still loves her job after 5 ½ years with Delta.  "To have a retired flight attendant at 90 tell me she still loves it and wanted to go back to that time makes me realize how special this job is." 

"We are so proud to call Dekota Hunter one of our own—she is a testament to Delta's ability to connect the world. We hope that being a flight attendant one more time made Geraldine's day, she certainly made ours," said Jennie Ho, Vice President of In-Flight Field Operations.

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