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A commemoration service at Brussels Airport today marked the first anniversary of the attacks there. The atrocity not only took the lives of Delta passengers, it also changed the lives of the Delta people who witnessed the tragic events of March 22, 2016.

Brussels commemoration
In the weeks following the bombings, the airport community pulled together, showing courage and resilience to open a temporary terminal and re-start operations amid the devastation next door. The airport was closed for 12 days, with Delta's flights to New York-JFK resuming 17 days after the attack.

"Delta leaders and all your fellow employees are proud of the Brussels Team and our thoughts are with you all as we reach this difficult milestone. Our hearts remain with Brussels and all those who showed the true spirit of Delta on that terrible day," Ed said today. "You worked together in unthinkable circumstances and under immense pressure to put the needs of Delta customers first. Thank you for all you continue to do to serve our customers in Belgium."

A commemorative statue and plaque were unveiled at the Airport ceremony.

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