Using her time away from work, one Delta employee has been sewing lined, washable face masks for healthcare workers.
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In an effort to help Delta Air Lines, thousands of Delta employees have decided to take a voluntary 30, 60, 90, or 120-day unpaid leave of absence. Despite the challenging decision to not work, Delta employees have continued to display the Delta Spirit by helping others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul recognized one of Delta’s employees in its coronavirus news feed.

Using her time away from work, Cristina Kjos, who works in Delta’s IT department has been sewing lined, washable face masks for healthcare workers. Cristina began sewing face masks for her personal needs. However, as her friends in healthcare heard about her project, she found herself running a small operation in her Minneapolis kitchen.

As hospitals began to run out of supplies, Cristina decided to help meet the needs of communities both locally and nationally. Using an online face mask pattern, Cristina chooses playful fabric prints for the face masks– from wine and pizza themes to Hello Kitty – to bring light to a dark time.

“It’s sad, but there’s hope,” said Cristina.” As we keep climbing together, we should not forget to smile. If you have the time, if you have the skill, if you have the resources, go and help, because we need that.”

With around 30 face masks completed, Cristina says this is only the beginning. For as long as there is a need, she will continue sewing her masks. With requests from Texas and Georgia as well as her home state of Minnesota, she plans to send her first 60 masks to friends in California.

“During this unprecedented time, our Delta family is rising to ever changing challenges in its usual spirited way” said Chief Information Officer Rahul Samant. “Cristina is doing an incredible and charitable service at a time of great stress for all of us. She embodies the best of the Delta spirit through her actions! I salute her and all of our people who are serving our communities, our customers, each other and our company.”

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