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WKAR's "Curious About Careers" kid reporter Janellyn sat down with Delta First Officer Emily Coaker at the Detroit Metropolitan International Airpor​​​​​​t to learn firsthand about her job as a pilot including her not-so-typical workdays and various roles and responsibilities.  

"That's the neat thing about being an airline pilot — there isn't a typical day," Coaker explained. "Our schedules change all of the time. We're constantly flying to different cities. We can start our day by flying anywhere from Paris to Los Angeles or even just a short hop over to Grand Rapid, Michigan and back." 

Janellyn spent time in a Boei​ng 717 alongside Coaker, learning the various controls, checking legal documents that approve a flight, and even inspecting the aircraft on the outside. Coaker encouraged children who wish to become a pilot to "get out there, learn and explore." 

"I actually get to do what I love for a living. I actually get to have my hands on the controls and feel that passion for flight," she said.

WKAR's "Curious About Careers" series allows young reporters to meet professionals working in STEM, or science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related fields to learn about career possibilities. 

Watch Janellyn and First Officer Emily Coaker here.​

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