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Delta last week bestowed Snoopy, The World Famous Flying Ace, with the title of Honorary Delta Pilot during a ceremony at the Delta Flight Museum.


Joining Snoopy in the induction ceremony was Craig Schulz, son of Charles Schulz and writer and producer of THE PEANUTS MOVIE, which opens on Nov. 6. Delta News Hub had an opportunity to speak with Schulz to discuss his passion for aviation, along with his work on the 20th Century Fox film.

Delta News Hub: Can you tell us more about your love for flying?

Craig Schulz: My love of aviation goes way back. As a kid growing up, I used to build model airplanes. When I was 17, my friend asked if I wanted to go flying in his dad’s Cessna 172. From there on, I was hooked. I flew the gamut, from helicopters to jets. I had my own air taxi service with a fleet of Cessna Citations. I also flew my dad for almost 20 years. He would say, “I’ll go anywhere, as long as I’m home by lunch.”

DNH: Speaking about your history of being an aviator, have you enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Delta Flight Museum?

CS: It’s wonderful to be here. I want to climb inside the DC-3 and explore it.

DNH: What was it like to work on THE PEANUTS MOVIE?


CS: It was a big thrill for me personally because my son helped co-write it. We worked side by side for three years. We created the movie to honor my dad’s work over 50 years, including 18,000 comic strips. Our mantra was to stay true to his work, so we really strived for that.

DNH: Along with your excitement for the movie, is Snoopy an “eager beagle” and looking forward to the opening?

CS: Yes, Snoopy has a big role as the aviator. The movie includes phenomenal flying scenes. In fact, I took the animators up in my biplane to show them what flying was like in that type of aircraft, including upside down. Also, the aircraft sound you hear in the move is directly from my biplane.

DNH: What can fans of Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang expect from the movie?

CS: This is not a movie just for kids. It’s a movie the entire family will enjoy. There are lessons to be learned for all ages, from small children to adults. You will laugh, cry and have a great time.


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