A wedding trip to Hawaii on a Delta flight inspired one couple to name their son Delta.
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When Cecile Beck applied to be a "stewardess" in 1959 with Pan Am, she never anticipated the decision would lead to a 60-year career in the air, a 40-year marriage and a lifetime of memories.
Omaha business owner whose mother survived breast cancer helps fight the disease each October while sporting pink from head to toe.
When Andrew Aitchison and Sharon Cook woke up Sept. 23, their dream wedding in Las Vegas lay in tatters.
Delta hosted a surprise sendoff celebration for Pastor Matthew Southall Brown, a 97-year-old World War II veteran being recognized by the kings of the Netherlands and Belgium for his military service.
From grade school to university, Delta invests in targeted education pipelines to diversify future talent.
Applications are now open on delta.com/careers.
Recognized as one of Fortune's Best Workplaces for Women, Delta strives to help women achieve success inside and outside the organization.
​In honor of National Twin Day, Aug. 3, Delta celebrates wombmates who work side by side and bring their shared uniqueness to the airline and customers every day.