​In honor of National Twin Day, Aug. 3, Delta celebrates wombmates who work side by side and bring their shared uniqueness to the airline and customers every day.
Airport Customer Service, Flight Attendants and Pilots chip in to make an experience for a first-time flyer a comfortable one.
Delta employees, retirees and customers contributed a record 13,064 pints of blood at Delta-hosted American Red Cross blood drives during the 2019 fiscal year.
American flags, the national anthem and an in-flight fireworks display: Flight 1776 from MSP to DCA on July 4, was not lacking in the patriotic spirit its namesake originates from.
For two Delta customers making a flight connection in Minneapolis, an urgent phone call set in motion a life-saving series of events—with Delta employees helping to orchestrate every move.
On a trip to the Delta Flight Museum, a former Delta employee reflects on how the company has changed over the years… and how it hasn’t.
For the Joneses, Delta is not just a place of work, but a foundation for their family.
Delta teams from Oklahoma City in the airline's Operations and Customer Center swiftly began looking for ways to make things right for the 41 5th graders.
Delta flight attendants serve over 200 million customers a year, including, when needed, a toy doll. Morgan Rich accidentally left her beloved Dolly onboard a Delta flight from Honolulu and Los...
Delta TechOps provides full-service maintenance to +850 Delta aircraft as well as services to +150 other operators via the airline's Maintenance Repair and Overhaul business.