Delta reached nearly perfect pay parity in 2017 between men and women as a result of a 1 percentage point improvement from 2016.
In a video, a family of Delta pilots across three generations celebrate the retirement of one and the budding career of another.
Throughout March, people have honored their female colleagues, customers, suppliers and their accomplishments during Women's History Month. On March 8, the world observed International Women’s Day, a...
The Star Awards honor the contributions of Delta’s top small-business, minority-owned and women-owned suppliers.
Delta pilot Toni Wysong discusses her path to success as well as the obstacles she overcame - including a health crisis - along the way.
Joanne Smith, Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, discusses what drives the Delta culture.
A Fortune reporter explains that Delta's "shrewd compensation scheme [and] a strong set of values" make the airline stand out.
Delta ranked No. 63 and is the only airline on the list, which is based on employee ratings of their workplace culture.
A Revenue Management employee shares that the company's values are what make Delta so special.
​Two Delta A320/319 pilots made history over the weekend, flying Delta's first mainline flight with two African-American female pilots in the flight deck.