Delta launched an interactive, DEI training series that will reach all employees by 2022 as the airline seeks to promote inclusion throughout every level of the company.
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  • Delta employees will receive the next evolution of an interactive, DEI experience to build on educational DEI programs Delta has previously offered. 

  • Over 20,000 Delta employees have already participated in the latest training. 

As part of our strategy to seek diversity, promote inclusion and create equity in the world, Delta has launched the next evolution of a training experience to reach every employee by 2022. 

It follows CEO Ed Bastian’s recent commitment to step up inclusion training at every level of the company. 

Keyra Lynn Johnson

“This training builds upon the educational experiences, programs and series we’ve had in place for a number of years,” said Keyra Lynn Johnson, Delta’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. “It’s our brand’s responsibility to continue driving change, and it’s the charge of Delta people to bring that mission to life.” 

Delta people at all levels will be delivered the interactive, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) series to navigate the diverse and complex world we live in. For now, the courses will be available in a completely virtual format. 

The enhanced series will support Delta’s culture, provide development and strengthen leadership skills. It is designed to create greater self-awareness, turn awareness into action and provide skills and competencies to be more inclusive and effective in the workplace. The training explores conscious and unconscious bias*, learning how these biases impact behaviors and understanding the way our actions impact others. The learning opportunities give actionable takeaways for counteracting bias, appreciating others and becoming consciously inclusive. 

Over 20,000 employees have already participated in the training. 

Treating one another with respect and inclusion is critical to our goal of connecting the world,” Bastian said. “Inclusion directly impacts our bottom line: it improves safety, engagement and productivity for our employees; it increases customer satisfaction and loyalty; and it strengthens our financial performance, revenue growth and profitability.” 

Promoting Inclusion 

The training follows similar employee programs focused on understanding, action and inclusive behaviors. Inclusion is a core business competency and skill for Delta employees. Excelling in this area is critical to Delta’s recovery and long-term success. Delta people will be held accountable for team diversity, representation and inclusion metrics into leadership performance reviews and targets, Bastian recently shared

Following incidents of racial injustice and periods of unrest this year, Delta has increased efforts to raise awareness about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.  

“The pandemic has put us in a vulnerable spot in many ways. It's quieted us. It's allowed us to see and hear things that we were too busy in the past potentially to hear,” Bastian told Bloomberg when asked about our DEI focus. “We're going to get through the pandemic; we're going to get to the other side of it. If we don't get to the other side of systemic racism, though, this will be a failure.” 

Lynn Johnson said, “Being competent in inclusion transforms not only our interactions with customers and each other, but the way we interact with our communities, families and around our dinner tables as well. It’s our goal to send our employees back into the society better than they came in.”