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Delta and Virgin Atlantic are finalizing an agreement which will provide Virgin Atlantic a new customer service platform by leveraging a number of Delta's core systems such as AXIS, SNAPP and ecommerce, with DeltaMatic at their core. The project will provide Virgin Atlantic a customized passenger service solution that will offer a consistent experience for Delta and Virgin Atlantic customers, built on Delta’s proven infrastructure. The new system will be branded AIR4 (Access Information Real-time for customers).


Delta is a pioneer in building industry-leading joint venture partnerships with the goal of offering a seamless experience for our customers and this technology development is consistent with that leadership position,” said Perry Cantarutti, s.v.p.–Europe, Middle East and Africa. “As the first of Delta’s joint venture partners to move onto Delta’s AIR4 system, Virgin Atlantic will pave the way for others to follow.”


This milestone supports Delta’s strategy to differentiate from competitors by enhancing alignment with joint venture partners.  The project team, including a significant presence in London, is expected to begin work later this year.

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