Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director of Brand Experience In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi, shares insight on the options customers can expect in-flight, both now and in the future.

As more customers consider returning to travel, Delta’s commitment to providing the safest, most enjoyable experience possible remains paramount.

In parallel with the air line’s industry-leading cleanliness efforts, Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director of Brand Experience In-Flight Entertainment & WiFi, shares insight on what entertainment options customers can expect to experience in flight, both now and in the future.

What is Delta’s current approach to in-flight entertainment?

At Delta, we’ve been doubling down on in-flight entertainment the last several years – adding more seatback screens than any other airline. Nearly all our mainline fleet now have seatback entertainment.

Our priority is ensuring Delta customers have plenty of compelling options to stay engaged during travel, and we have worked hard to ensure there is something for everyone. Customers who want to unplug can enjoy content we’ve sourced from the best studios in the world. Others who want to stay connected have access to live DISH TV along with free messaging to keep in touch with friends and family.  

How is onboard entertainment changing in the COVID-19 world?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has profoundly impacted people and businesses across the globe. Delta is no different, and we have had to make some difficult decisions. One of those decisions was to stop refreshing our onboard content each month starting this past April, and trust me, it was not a decision that was made lightly. Additionally, we have reduced Delta Studio content available for streaming through Gogo Vision.

Although we still have over 1,800 hours of onboard entertainment, free messaging, and live satellite TV on nearly all our mainline aircraft, as well as Gogo WiFi for purchase for our customers, we are looking forward to a day in the future when we can bring new, refreshed movies, shows and other content back onboard as we work closely with our studio and content partners.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we wait for new content to come on board, and my team is eager to bring the even more content to customers as soon as possible.

What should customers expect to see when they start to travel again?

Throughout your travel journey, you can rest assured we are bringing the same rigor and focus to cleanliness that we used to redefine industry expectations for on-time performance and customer experience. Customers will see an increased focus on cleanliness across the board—including seatback screens, which are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every flight.

Customers can also expect to see a lag period before we refresh entertainment content. Normally, we refresh content every month—planning months in advance to ensure customers have the content they want when they travel.

Why do you think the commitment Delta has made to onboard entertainment is important?

When a customer steps on board Delta, we want them to have an amazing experience—and the entertainment experience is a vital part of that.

From pioneering free messaging on board to teaming up with top movie studios and leading streaming services, we’ve always been chasing down the very best entertainment for our customers because we know they love it as their ultimate in-flight de-stressor.

Seeing the joy in our customers’ faces is something that brings me joy. By listening closely to our customers, we can introduce them to a new world of entertainment they might not normally find.

What are Delta’s priorities for onboard entertainment now and in the future?

Our priorities for onboard entertainment really have not changed: we want to make sure that we delight customers with content they want—content that brings new entertainment experiences they might not have otherwise found along with the hits they expect.

2019 was a landmark year for Delta Studio. We introduced new forms of content including podcasts, health and wellness, and e-sports, changing our view to what content can and should be made available. During this pause, my team is reviewing all our content to ensure we have high-quality options that are compelling and exciting for everyone who travels with us.

We know how important entertainment is to customers, and our commitment remains.

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