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If any event brought out the truth in the old Delta ad slogan, “we love to fly and it shows,” it was the final day of the 747 Farewell Tour from Atlanta to Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Because of the aircraft’s legacy at Northwest Airlines, with the 747-400 entering the fleet in 1989, it was a popular attraction for MSP employees. More than 1,000 stood patiently in an outdoor line as long as 15 minutes to enter the hangar. It may have been 19 F but “for Minnesota it’s not that cold,” said David Rossing, an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in MSP, who followed up the entrance line by waiting more than an hour for a tour.

The Queen of the Skies arrived in the Twin Cities in style, circling the city at low altitude and then performing a low-altitude “missed approach” fly-by at MSP — both pre-authorized by the FAA — before circling back to land. As Chief Line Pilot Capt. Steve Hanlon said to passengers in pre-flight gate briefing, “Don’t be alarmed — it’s all part of the show.”

Click here to watch footage and hear sound bites from the events. 

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