Randy Harrison, Delta’s Vice President of Corporate Security since 2017, is responsible for establishing and implementing Delta’s global security program. 

Randy joined Delta in 1990 supporting the Technical Operations Division, where he created and implemented the first aircraft maintenance employee safety management system. He transitioned to environmental services in 1997, initiating sustainability programs including source reduction, waste minimization, recycling, material substitution, water conservation, energy conservation, alternative fuels and noise reduction.

In 2005, he was selected to a seven-member team that redesigned Delta’s management structure to see the company through bankruptcy. In 2006, he was appointed director of Corporate Security and began realigning Delta’s security philosophy and structure to meet its changing business model and global concerns. 

As vice president, Randy manages a team of security professionals focused on Delta’s non-cyber-related security efforts including U.S. and foreign country compliance, geopolitical threat analysis and risk mitigation, fraud reduction, and other security programs focused on protecting Delta’s employees, customers and assets.  

Randy graduated magna cum laude from Embry Riddle with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics. He currently chairs the International Air Transport Association’s Security Council, which represents over 290 airlines spanning 120 countries. Randy was selected by the TSA administrator to serve a second term on the Aviation Security Advisory Committee – a statutory committee that provides the administrator with recommendations for improving aviation security.  

Randy Harrison, Vice President – Corporate Security