“Air travel is how we’re wired as a country," Ed Bastian said during a Goldman Sachs conference on navigating uncertainty.
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Delta CEO Ed Bastian joined Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon during the Goldman Sachs Virtual Conference to discuss ways in which Delta has adapted to rapid and massive change during these unprecedented times.  

During the “Leadership in Crisis: Navigating Uncertainty” session, Ed explained that air travel is both an essential service amid the crisis and essential to rebuilding the nation’s economy in the wake of it. 

“Relationships don’t get formed through the phone,” Ed shared. “Air travel is how we’re wired as a country. For personal reasons, think about the way our family structures are – people live in different parts of the country, and the need to be together has never been greater. Air travel facilitates that.” 

He continued to share with Solomon that travel, hospitality and tourism make up 5 percent of our national GDP, noting that air travel will return to its prominent place of significance once again because physical connection is essential to the economy and to the structure of our nation. 

To hear the complete interview from the June 16 conference, stream here

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