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On a trip to the Delta Flight Museum, a former Delta employee reflects on how the company has changed over the years… and how it hasn’t

Richard Dillon just celebrated his 80th birthday, but during his visit to the Delta Flight Museum, he was a 22-year-old again and just starting his Delta career.

It was 1961 when Dillon joined the Delta family as a ramp agent at the Chicago Midway Airport. The art of flight was thrilling, and the technology was astonishing.

“Working for Delta is probably the most exciting thing I ever did,” said Dillon. “Every day was something new."

During his 35-year career, Dillon worked hard, had unforgettable experiences and met some rather influential people – including Delta’s founder, C.E. Woolman.

For Dillon’s 80th birthday, his family thought of no greater gift than taking a trip to the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta. There, Dillon’s memories came rushing back as the “old” Delta he once knew connected with the Delta of today. Although many things have changed and innovated since 1961, one thing remains the same: Delta’s values-based culture.

“You worked with people who felt the same way you did. They cared about the company. They cared about their jobs, and mostly, they cared about the passenger,” said Dillon. “Delta takes care of its people.”

After 35 years of dedicated service and a chance encounter with Mr. Woolman, Dillon embodies Delta’s values of caring for people and holds a deep-seated passion for aviation. It is these qualities that have transcended generations within Dillon’s own family and remain the very foundation of the Delta family as well.

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