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Providing a safe travel experience was the center of Delta CEO Ed Bastian’s conversation with U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow during a recent episode of the newly launched leadership video series, The Dow Report.

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“Safety is at the core – it’s the DNA of who we are, but the pandemic has caused us to focus on the health of each consumer as much as the safe travel and the flight safety of the experience,” Bastian said.

Among the ways Delta is putting employees and customer safety first is by partnering with leading medical experts like the Mayo Clinic and Emory Healthcare, as well as sharing best practices with those across the entire travel ecosystem. 

“I've been talking every week to many of the CEOs across the travel ribbon to understand what they're seeing and how they're approaching it,” Bastian said. “I think it’s brought us all closer – it’s one of the ironies of the pandemic, but it’s forced us to lean in to get closer together; to learn and work together in a more collaborative way.”

Watch the interview online now.

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