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Leading the Global Sales team and inspiring all 80,000 Delta people to provide unparalleled customer service to corporate travelers is Bob Somers, Senior Vice President – Global Sales. Somers was named among the 25 Most Influential Executives in the business travel industry at the BTN Business Travel Trends and Forecast in New York this week.

Bob Somers receive award
“Delta is making travel better for our customers and becoming easier than ever to do business with,” said Somers. “While I am humbled to be selected for this year’s most influential list, this award truly recognizes the efforts of all 80,000 Delta people who provide the safest, most reliable and best overall flying experience for our customers every day. Our customers know that Delta has their backs and we will continue to evolve and elevate our business, always chasing the next big first.”

Somers fundamentally disrupted the industry-wide mindset for how corporate travel buyers approach air travel procurement with any airline by introducing Delta’s Operational Performance Commitment (OPC) in 2015. He led the team that envisioned and delivered Delta’s OPC with deep understanding that Delta’s operating strength could be backed not only with promises but also by transparent, performance-based data.

Delta’s OPC is not just a promise of better performance, but an industry-wide call to action to raise the bar and deliver a customer experience that travelers want.

With Somers’ vision and leadership throughout 2016, Delta utilized a wealth of customer feedback, taking OPC to an entirely new level and delivering an on-demand tool for corporate travel managers called the Operational Excellence Calculator. The calculator allows corporate travel buyers the ability to quantify how Delta’s operational performance saves their company money over its competitors.

Somers leadership helped Delta secure recognition as the best airline for business travelers on the BTN airline survey for six consecutive years.

This leadership and innovation is changing the way Delta, its partners and its competitors do business.

Past Delta BTN winners include CEO Ed Bastian; Steve Sear, President – International & Executive Vice President – Global Sales; Kristen Shovlin, Vice President – Commercial Operations; and Dave Holtz, Senior Vice President – Operations and Customer Center.

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