1. Use delta.com to change travel plans involving Atlanta Monday and Tuesday

As Delta meteorologists continue to track Hurricane Irma, strong winds and extended rain are expected in Atlanta starting Monday and could impact flights at the hub. Customers with itineraries involving Atlanta Monday afternoon through Tuesday are encouraged to use delta.com to change their travel plans.

2. Fees are waived for travel changes, baggage and pets in cabin

Delta has combined and consolidated waivers through Sept. 17 for customers traveling between three dozen destinations where flights will likely be affected by Irma. Similarly, Delta has paused baggage and pet-in-cabin fees for customers traveling to or from impacted cities.

3. Delta added 17 flights out of Florida today

Delta operations team added 4,000 seats with additional flights and larger aircraft on existing flights departing Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Atlanta through late Saturday afternoon. Available seats can be booked by calling Delta reservations specialists. Delta is again deploying the 747, one of its largest-capacity airplanes, to work two roundtrips between Detroit and Orlando. Delta has added more than 12,000 seats departing Florida and the Caribbean since Wednesday.

An updated airport-by-airport outlook for operations in the Caribbean, Florida and the southeastern U.S. is available here.

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