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Delta's SkyMiles Members now have a way to redeem their miles toward luxurious and convenient travel on Delta Private Jets.

Starting today, beginning at 2.5 million miles for a $25,000 Jet Card, SkyMiles Members can redeem for Delta Private Jet service, opening up a new world of luxury to Members.

The Jet Card enables customers to pre-fund a travel card, allowing for simplified booking, guaranteed jet availability and locked-in rates for private jet travel. Price points for the card ordinarily begin at $100,000. 

“With this new option, SkyMiles becomes the only major airline loyalty program to provide its members the opportunity to redeem miles for a private jet experience,” said Karen Zachary, Managing Director – SkyMiles Program. “We are committed to finding ways to make the SkyMiles program even more rewarding for our Members, from buying a drink in a Delta Sky Club to redeeming miles for private jet service.”

SkyMiles Members may utilize the Jet Card to purchase both private and commercial air travel on Delta Private Jets and Delta Air Lines respectively for business and pleasure travel, a unique advantage for Jet Card members. 

“With our fleet of more than 70 Wi-Fi equipped aircraft positioned throughout the country, Members who redeem miles for a Jet Card will have access to the luxury and convenience of flying on their own time and schedule,” said David Sneed, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Delta Private Jets. “This is an incredible travel benefit for SkyMiles Members.”

The new partnership comes as the SkyMiles program continues to expand the ways Members can redeem miles, including shopping, Delta Sky Club memberships, once-in-a-lifetime SkyMiles Experiences, charitable donations, Award Travel to over 1,000 destinations, upgrades and more.

Click SkyMiles/Delta Private Jets Card partnership for more information about the program.

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