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Delta has taken the following actions to minimize the storm’s impact on flights and customers. Safety is the airline’s top value.

  1. Canceled about 350 flights scheduled for Friday night and Saturday to minimize impact on operations in its Atlanta hub – the world’s busiest – and allow customers to change plans accordingly. Customers should check or the Fly Delta Mobile App for up-to-the-minute details on individual flights.
  2. Offered to waive change fees for customers whose travel plans are likely to be affected by the storm. More than a dozen markets in the Southeastern U.S. qualify, from Alabama to Virginia. To see if flights in a particular market are eligible, go to this page on
  3. For safety reasons, temporarily embargoed unaccompanied minors from traveling on a connecting flight through Atlanta today or Saturday. Unaccompanied minors with a direct flight to or from Atlanta may travel.
  4. Also for safety reasons, temporarily embargoed customers traveling on active military order from traveling with pets as checked baggage on a connecting flight through Atlanta Friday through Sunday. These pets with a direct flight to or from Atlanta may travel.
  5. Added staffing to Atlanta and Southeastern de-icing, Customer Care and Airport Customer Service teams to keep operations running smoothly and assist customers who need to be re-accommodated.
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