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Teresa A., a Delta Air Lines Red Coat customer service agent at Boston-Logan, was on duty when a group of 20 students traveling to Quito, Ecuador, from Boston needed her help recently.

Their flight to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had been canceled due to severe weather. After exploring various options, including ground transportation to New York or getting a bigger aircraft, Teresa rerouted them from Boston to an overnight in Indiana, then to Atlanta and finally on to Quito.

“It was honestly a true pleasure working with these high school students from Meridian Academy near Boston. They were extraordinary,” said Teresa, who’s been with Delta for 25 years next month. “It was hard work with a positive outcome and very rewarding.”

The students, including some anxious parents, could not have been happier. The group took to Twitter to acknowledge Teresa’s diligence, quickly praising her as the “best ticket agent ever.” The teenagers even wrote and performed a song in the terminal for her, with lines that included, “Delta, Delta, Delta – got us in the air … Delta, Delta, Delta – Teresa got us there ….”

One parent voiced his appreciation tweeting, “Thanks for all you are doing to get our kids to Quito.”

“Many times people take to Twitter and other social media venues to voice dissatisfaction about a service provided; however, in this instance Teresa sparked the group of students to highly praise one of our wonderful Red Coats in the form of tweets, a song and a new hashtag: #weneedtokeepclimbing,” said Elizabeth G., service recovery specialist—Airport Customer Service.

“Teresa truly presented the ‘Delta Difference’ to these students, and they recognized her for her diligence and hard work, as well as staying the course and finding them a way to get to Quito,” she added.