Flight 639 departs ATL for HAV
Delta’s operation and meteorology teams continue to keep a watchful eye on Tropical Storm Gordon, which is expected to intensify into a Category 1 Hurricane by the time it makes landfall along the...
Boeing 737 in mid flight
​Delta's meteorology team is keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Gordon as it approaches landfall in the Gulf Coast.
The airline has also posted waivers for the same dates to cover customers traveling through the Japanese airports of Fukouka, Kansai and Nagoya , as well as Seoul, South Korea , in anticipation of...
Delta has proactively issued a weather waiver for New York City area airports ahead of forecasted storms on August 12 and 13 .
Airports included in the waiver are New York-JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Stewart and White Plains.
Delta teams in the OCC are monitoring weather patterns expected to bring scattered thunderstorms and heavy rain into the East Great Lakes and Ohio Valley region throughout Wednesday and into Thursday...
Delta has proactively issued a weather waiver for certain Northeast airports ahead of heavy thunderstorms forecasted for the area on Wednesday, June 27. The airline is expecting the storm to impact...
Delta has issued a weather waiver for customers travelling through Los Cabos International Airport on June 14 or June 15.
Delta has issued a travel waiver for six destinations in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle to allow customers to make one-time changes to their itinerary without incurring a fee.
Aircraft Deicing
A weather waiver was issued Sunday to allow customers traveling to, from or through the New York area on Monday to make a one-time change to their travel itinerary.