Delta is evaluating relief efforts for the Bahamas.
A weather waiver has been issued for customers traveling to, from or through New York City metro airports — New York-JFK, New York-LGA, Newark (EWR), Newburgh (SWF) and White Plains (HPN) — as...
Aircraft Deicing
Delta's operational recovery is well underway, with 100 Delta Connection cancellations proactively scheduled for today, making for 250 regional cancellations due to the weekend's winter storm.
De-icing MSP
Delta operations are continuing to stabilize after a challenging winter storm hit airports along the Northeast and mid-Atlantic Wednesday. Wednesday’s irregular operation caused a total of...
Delta plans to operate a full schedule to Anchorage's Ted Stevens International Airport Friday, albeit on a delayed basis, after a magnitude 7 earthquake struck near the airfield around 9:30 a.m. The...
The waiver allows customers to make a one-time change to their travel plans, and includes waived baggage and pet-in-cabin fees through Oct. 20.