The exhaustive study spotlights companies that are making the biggest environmental and social impact, and excelling in corporate governance.
Diverse stories of community, sustainability and being a great place to work bolster global airline’s 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report.
​The bee hive initiative​ supports Delta's goal to be an environmentally sustainable and responsible business.
Delta’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report provides a look at the company’s approach to being a good steward of the environment, a positive force in communities and a great place to work and fly.
Ten years ago, Delta became the first airline with a comprehensive recycling program for cans, newspapers, water bottles and snack containers. Read on for more highlights of the program.
Jet fuel accounts for more than 98 percent of Delta’s carbon footprint. That’s why Delta led the industry in 2007 by launching a carbon offset program to produce measurable benefits to the atmosphere...
Plane wing with clouds
In the global fight against climate change, Delta continues to make improvements across our operations - both on the ground and in the air - to improve fuel efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.
Airbus A350 leaving gate
Four words were heard over and over this week, as more than 200 Delta employees got to take an early peek at the Airbus A350-900 : “wow,” “impressive,” “cool” and “awesome.” Delta recently ordered 25...
At Delta, we know that reducing our impact on the environment will improve the sustainability of our planet as well as our business. When it comes to air travel, jet fuel is by far the biggest source...