Close the Gap
The iconic voice of actress Viola Davis guides viewers as they witness these childhood moments from different perspectives, illustrating how "we're more alike than we are different."
An ad from Delta's 'Dream Up, L.A.' campaign
LAist, a popular blog that covers all things Los Angeles, praises Delta for its recently updated L.A. ad campaign. 'Delta has officially won the niche marketing game," the blog said.
Delta released a video evoking unity with a nod to flying and complementing the airline’s sponsorship of the #WhoWeAre campaign.
NY ad campaign
New Yorkers take pride in being, well, New Yorkers. It’s a place where everyone walks faster, talks faster and simply goes faster. Everyone’s pursuing what’s next -- the next idea, the next job, the...
man and woman dancing in the rain
Delta debuted a TV spot celebrating the pursuit of life’s greatest opportunities during the GRAMMY broadcast Monday evening. “Tell the World” celebrates life’s defining moments – when there’s no...
Steve Sear, Senior Vice President – Global Sales, was named to the 2016 Hot List for industry influencers by Buying Business Travel, the UK’s leading publication for travel buyers. Last summer, Sear...
New York’s No. 1 airline continues to share the love via a high-impact ad buy in today’s New York Times for the publication’s readers upstate and throughout the metropolitan area. As part of Delta’s...
Screenshot of Delta's TV spot "Climb Higher"
Delta’s new TV spot “Take Off” launched Tuesday, and it’s making waves in the advertising community for its departure from traditional airline ads. The spot was filmed in just one take from the...
Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) is targeting fliers from Central America to the U.S. with a new Spanish-language advertising campaign focused on customer travel experiences in order to building awareness...