Standing idle in the Arizona desert, a beloved historic airplane was prepped for its ultimate journey – one final flight back to where it all began. The recently discovered Ship 717, the last...
On a trip to the Delta Flight Museum, a former Delta employee reflects on how the company has changed over the years… and how it hasn’t.
On a June morning in 1929, a lanky former stunt pilot named Johnny Howe guided a single-engine Delta Air Service plane skyward from a Dallas airfield, heading east. Five hours and 427 miles later –...
ATL-FRA Ribbon Cutting
When Delta Air Lines’ first flight took off from Atlanta bound for Frankfurt on June 17, 1979, it marked Delta’s 50 th anniversary of passenger service and was the first nonstop service between the...
In 1940, Sybil Peacock Harmon joined Delta's first class of stewardesses. Seventy-eight years later, she celebrated her 102nd birthday surrounded by friends and her Delta family.
The honor is the highest bestowed by the state of Georgia. Each year, the Georgia Historical Society chooses two people who best represent the motto: "Not for Self, but for Others."
This funding will enable the complete redesign of the "America by Air" gallery, which will be completed and reopened for the public's enjoyment and education in 2021.
President Franklin Roosevelt chose Orville Wright’s birthday, Aug. 19, for the annual commemoration of U.S. aviation heritage.
Delta celebrates opening of '747' exhibit
Employees from across the airline welcomed media as well as local and state officials to Tuesday’s unveiling of the Delta Flight Museum’s latest addition – the “747 Experience” exhibit . The exhibit...