Delta first black male flight attendant Eugene Harmond
In celebration of Black History Month, Delta honored a man who is a trailblazer in every sense of the word. Eugene Harmond is the first black male flight attendant – or steward as the job was called ...
Plane in Museum
After getting its start as a crop-dusting company, Delta operated its first passenger flight on June 17, 1929, from Dallas, Texas, to Jackson, Miss., via Shreveport and Monroe, La. The route, ...
Woman standing beside plane in previous years
A conversation with Paige Jones, one of Delta’s early flight attendants – or "stewardess" as she was referred to in the 1940s – provides a window into a bygone era in air travel. It was a time when ...
DC-3 in the early years
Delta recently celebrated 75 years since the first flight of Ship 41, a type of aircraft that helped transform commercial aviation. Ship 41 was Delta’s first DC-3 aircraft to carry passengers. It ...
A chart how the logo's have evolved over time "Delta Family Tree"
Delta has come a long way since moving from crop dusting to offering passenger service in the 1920s. As the decades passed and Delta grew, the company added more branches to its family tree: Pan Am, ...
Woman sitting in the cockpit
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Kerr was part of the first all-black female flight crew in U.S. history.
cal flanigan historic retirement flight
At Delta, two black pioneers are among those who have secured places in aviation and american history: Cal Flanigan and Rachelle Kerr.
Much has changed since pilots handed out fried chicken meals. Today, flight attendants serve everything from chef-created meals to free snacks.
Plane in Museum
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This is a replica of a 1920s crop duster that hangs in the Delta Flight Museum. Huff Daland Dusters became Delta Air Service in 1928. An original of the duster is in the Smithsonian.
What’s National Aviation Day? It’s a U.S. observation that celebrates the development of aviation and air travel. President Franklin Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation in 1939 designating...