1987 (Article)

Western Airlines merges with Delta; becomes the fourth largest U.S. carrier and fifth largest world carrier. Delta's first trans-Pacific service begins: Atlanta to Portland, Oregon, to Tokyo. Ronald...

2006 (Article)

Service to more destinations than any global airline with 124 new nonstop routes and 41 destinations. Delta is National Safety Council's 2006 Occupational Industry Leader—the first airline recognized...

1934 (Article)

Delta receives Air Mail Route 24 from Post Office; resumes passenger service. Begins operating as Delta Air Lines.

1971 (Article)

W.T. Beebe becomes Chairman and CEO. Delta Dash (cargo service for small packages) begins.

1997 (Article)

Leo F. Mullin is named President and CEO. Delta is the first airline to board more than 100 million passengers in a year. Begins expansion of U.S.-Latin America routes. Introduction of new aircraft...

1982 (Article)

After Delta suffers financial losses, employees raise $30 million in payroll deductions to purchase the first Boeing 767, named "The Spirit of Delta."

2004 (Article)

Gerald Grinstein becomes Delta's seventh CEO. Delta celebrates 75 years of passenger service; returns to traditional "widget" logo. Delta continues work toward financial viability. Customer service...

1995 (Article)

"The Spirit of Delta" is rededicated and repainted in Olympic color scheme. Delta named the official airline of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Received J.D. Power Award for best among major...

1944 (Article)

First converted DC-3 cargo ship, Delta No. 43.

2002 (Article)

Delta sponsors the 2002 Olympic Winter Games at its Salt Lake City hub. Technology advances bring convenience to customers through kiosks at check-in, expanded gate information systems and virtual...