1946 (Article)

Delta starts regularly scheduled cargo service. The one-millionth passenger boards. First airline with nonstop Chicago-Miami flights.

1929 (Article)

Delta operates first passenger flights over route stretching from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Miss., via Shreveport and Monroe, La. Travel Air S-6000B airplanes carry five passengers and one pilot...

1959 (Article)

Delta is first airline to launch Douglas DC-8 jet service. The red, white, and blue triangle "widget" becomes Delta's logo resembling the swept -wing appearance of a jet. > 1960s - Delta enters...

1968 (Article)

A reconditioned 1925 Huff Daland Duster given to the Smithsonian Institution as a memorial to C. E. Woolman, Delta founder. > 1970s - Delta celebrates 50 years going strong

1979 (Article)

Delta celebrates its 50th year of service; begins flights to Frankfurt, West Germany. Delta is the first airline in the world to board one million passengers in one city in one month (Atlanta in the...

1949 (Article)

Delta’s first coach service starts: discounted-fare night flights between Chicago and Miami. > 1950s - Delta expands internationally, pioneers the hub and spoke

1988 (Article)

Delta opens operations in Asia. > 1990s - Delta purchases Pan Am and becomes a global carrier

1935 (Article)

Delta offers first night service with the Stinson Model A; first Delta aircraft with two pilots. 1940s - Delta goes to war and officially becomes Delta Air Lines, Inc.