Delta pilot Toni Wysong discusses her path to success as well as the obstacles she overcame - including a health crisis - along the way.
​Two Delta A320/319 pilots made history over the weekend, flying Delta's first mainline flight with two African-American female pilots in the flight deck.
Delta is pleased with today’s result. The new pilot agreement contains an industry-leading package of pay, benefits and work rules and recognizes the many contributions of Delta pilots to the airline...
Atlanta-based pilots Capt. Wendell Nissing and his daughter, First Officer Tara Keough, are now one of a handful of Delta families who have co-piloted a flight.
Delta Talks Turbulence Graphic
Delta’s Flight Weather Viewer app provides pilots with real-time graphics of turbulence observations and forecasts on the flight deck.
A330 pilot
Non-commercial aviators can now obtain an Airline Transport Certificate using top-notch Delta facilities and flight instructors.
Off-duty Delta pilots are expected to conduct informational picketing at eight large U.S. airports Friday morning as contract negotiations continue between Delta and the Air Line Pilots Association...

Flight Ops (Video)

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Screenshot of woman standing during safety video
Please ensure your seat is in its full upright and locked position and all your carry-on items are stowed: Delta has released the latest version of its popular safety videos. The latest version...
Behind view of 3 pilots in a cockpit
They cost millions to build and require great dexterity and judgment to “fly,” but they never leave the ground. They’re flight simulators, and they’ve played a critical role in aviation history and...