John Cena Jet Drag Team
The wrestler-turned-'Today' host dragged a jet with 19 Delta employees to benefit the American Cancer Society. A segment aired on 'Today' Monday.
Jet drag 2016
Delta TechOps set the stage for an eventful day Friday in Delta’s fight against cancer. Almost 2,000 Delta people participated in the airline’s seventh annual Jet Drag, where teams of 20 attempt to...
JetDrag RevManagement Video Screenshot
Each year, teams of Delta employees compete in a game of tug-of-war - with a 757 jet - to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Revenue Management has wound up in last place for the past two...
Delta people are known for giving back in a big way, but this year’s American Cancer Society fundraising has generated more than $1.6 million with still more than a month left. Here’s just a few ways...