Delta has issued a waiver for Aug. 28, for New York-JFK, New York-LGA, Newark, Newburgh, White Plains and Philadelphia.
​Official Airline of the Yankees honors Rivera ahead of his Baseball Hall of Fame induction, dedicating Gate B42 at JFK Terminal 4.
JFK International, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty, Newburgh and White Plains are all included in the waiver.
Delta has issued a weather waiver for five New York City metro airports ahead of thunderstorms in the Northeast that will likely drive Air Traffic Control initiatives and routing delays for flights...
Construction to date features 2,000 tons of steel, 50,000+ cubic yards of concrete, 40+ miles of piping, cabling and other infrastructure.
The campaigns provide a unifying message as Delta marks milestones and commercial priorities in each of these markets in 2019, along with investments in LaGuardia, LAX and Sea-Tac airports.
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Aircraft Deicing
Delta's operational recovery is well underway, with 100 Delta Connection cancellations proactively scheduled for today, making for 250 regional cancellations due to the weekend's winter storm.
De-icing MSP
Delta operations are continuing to stabilize after a challenging winter storm hit airports along the Northeast and mid-Atlantic Wednesday. Wednesday’s irregular operation caused a total of...

New York Fact Sheet (Infographic)

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