Fly Delta App Wayfinding
Delta leads industry with airport wayfinding maps fully integrated in the boarding pass.
Wheeler will lead Delta’s efforts to secure and protect information that is important to Delta and personal to our customers, while continuing to ensure the overall cyber resiliency of the airline.
With the airline’s sights set on hiring the best in the industry, Delta, in partnership with digital interviewing company HireVue, is breaking down barriers in the traditional job seeking process by...
Rahul Samant at desk
Rahul Samant shares insights into his ambitious new role, which other tech leaders inspire him and how a pet project turned into a real job.
Aircraft in Mid Flight
No additional cancellations are anticipated this afternoon or evening. The airline plans to fly 610,000 people today.
Aircraft in Atlanta with beam of sunlight
Only about 25 flights have been cancelled today, some due to the ongoing recovery, others due to bad weather.
Social media, along with input from frontline employees, gave Delta an opportunity for a creative approach to serve frustrated customers.
Delta Private Jets someone boarding the plane
The effort was just one of multiple initiatives Delta teams have been working on to take care of customers.
767 logo
Customers significantly affected by delays and cancellations between Aug. 8 - 10 will receive $200 travel vouchers.
Employees helping customers in Seattle
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