A New Jersey cross country team was in danger of missing their meet after their flight to Orlando was canceled by another carrier. That's when Delta teams stepped in.
Ed Bastian is ranked among the top business leaders in using digital and social media to communicate about Delta's culture, values and strategy.
Delta customer Wesley S. sent a frantic tweet to Delta at 10 p.m. Nov. 19, after noticing his son Xavier who has autism had lost his beloved monkey doll on his flight to Nashville from Atlanta.
Wilmarie Ramos Cotto, Global Ticket Support Specialist, took the world behind-the-scenes at Delta's Customer Engagement Center in Tampa.
A Delta Ground Maintenance Technician took the world behind the scenes on Instagram at Delta's Ground Service Equipment facility in Atlanta.
Over the next several weeks, Delta will engage Los Angeles customers through a location-based scavenger hunt on Snapchat, marking the first use of the app's geo-filter capabilities.
Reliability video Screenshot
The video, which debuted on Delta’s social media accounts Monday, puts a human face on the airline's operational performance.
Social media, along with input from frontline employees, gave Delta an opportunity for a creative approach to serve frustrated customers.
Delta has a new home on Twitter devoted specifically to the Empire State. Beginning today, @DeltaNY will combine news and information from @Delta with New York-specific updates and conversation. “We...
An Instagram video posted to Facebook over the weekend has delighted Spanish-speaking U.S. audiences and is being widely circulated on social media. The star of the video is ‘ Toñita ,’ a comic...