Since launching on Delta.com, more than 60,000 Members have chosen to purchase upgrades using miles after buying their ticket.
Check out the top 10 ways Delta made waves in 2018 through its customer-centric, employee-focused approach to innovation.
Fly Delta Travel Stickers
With the new Fly Delta app update for iOS released Nov. 28, customers will automatically receive Fly Delta stickers for iMessage upon download.
These five differentiators make it a must-have for customers who want to manage their travel experience on the go.
Travel + Leisure magazine spotlighted Delta as the best U.S. airline to care for customers’ baggage and ensure it reaches its destination safely and on time.
Skip the bag service office visit with a new Fly Delta app feature.
Delta has put more control into the palm of its customers hands and users are noticing.
The automatic check-in added to the Fly Delta app will streamline the check-in experience and take the guesswork out of accessing a boarding pass.
When severe weather or other events disrupt operations, Delta may issue a travel waiver to give customers the chance to take alternate flights without paying a change fee. And to make it easier for...