Delta has put more control into the palm of its customers hands and users are noticing.
The automatic check-in added to the Fly Delta app will streamline the check-in experience and take the guesswork out of accessing a boarding pass.
When severe weather or other events disrupt operations, Delta may issue a travel waiver to give customers the chance to take alternate flights without paying a change fee. And to make it easier for...
Fly Delta App Wayfinding
Delta leads industry with airport wayfinding maps fully integrated in the boarding pass.
If you'll be traveling in all the hustle and bustle this holiday season, here are a few tips that may be helpful before and throughout the journey.
A Below Wing Employee loading the baggage cart
Customers will now be able to see their luggage as it travels through the airport and from one plane to the next.
Delta is the first U.S.-based airline to allow customers to purchase tickets using Apple Pay, making booking even easier for iPhone users.
Latin Trade's best of travel logo
Delta is being honored with two important customer service distinctions by Latin Trade’s Best of Travel Annual Awards 2015: Best Food and Beverages on board Delta One and Best Self Check-In for...
Delta Air Lines will unveil a redesigned version of its in-flight SKY magazine that celebrates people and travel with the release of the April 2014 issue, which will be available onboard more than 5,...