Learn what it takes to become a Delta Air Lines flight attendant, following one group through eight tough weeks of training.
Earning Our Wings Week 12
​​​​​Everyone loves a family reunion. After six months, the flight attendants come back together for a conference concluding their probation.​
Earning Our Wings Week 11
​​​Graduation day is here! The flight attendants celebrate receiving their official Delta wings. Coming Thursday: Episode 12 "Six Months Later.​"​ Catch up on past episodes in the twice-weekly series ...
Earning Our Wings 11
​​Ready, set, fly! The flight attendants take their training up a notch in their first onboard flight attendant experience.​
Earning Our Wings 9
​​​When one door closes, another opens. Flight attendants learn evacuation routes and hear words of wisdom from Allison Ausband, Delta's S.V.P. of In-Flight Service.​​
Earning Our Wings Week 8
​A day off from training means relaxation, study sessions and… marathons? Week 8 reveals a new side of the flight attendants you haven't seen before.
Earning Our Wings Week 7
​It's service with a smile! The flight attendants practice serving customers aboard Delta flights.
Earning Our Wings
​It’s time to take a dip in the pool for flight attendants who are learning the steps of a water evacuation in Week 6. Jumping, kicking and floating turns out to be much harder than it looks.
Is there a doctor on board? In Week 5, flight attendants become experts in CPR and first aid to keep passengers safe 30,000 feet in the air.
Earning Our Wings Week 4
The flight attendants bond as a class in inoculations and consultations.