Earning Our Wings 11
​​Ready, set, fly! The flight attendants take their training up a notch in their first onboard flight attendant experience.​
Earning Our Wings 9
​​​When one door closes, another opens. Flight attendants learn evacuation routes and hear words of wisdom from Allison Ausband, Delta's S.V.P. of In-Flight Service.​​
Earning Our Wings Week 8
​A day off from training means relaxation, study sessions and… marathons? Week 8 reveals a new side of the flight attendants you haven't seen before.
Earning Our Wings Week 7
​It's service with a smile! The flight attendants practice serving customers aboard Delta flights.
Earning Our Wings
​It’s time to take a dip in the pool for flight attendants who are learning the steps of a water evacuation in Week 6. Jumping, kicking and floating turns out to be much harder than it looks.
Is there a doctor on board? In Week 5, flight attendants become experts in CPR and first aid to keep passengers safe 30,000 feet in the air.
Earning Our Wings Week 4
The flight attendants bond as a class in inoculations and consultations.
Earning Our Wings Week 3
Week 3 training is all about safety as flight attendants learn the procedures for emergency situations. Coming Thursday: Episode 4 "It's All Fitting Together." Catch up to past episodes in the twice- ...
Last year 150,000 applicants applied for roughly 1,200 coveted flight attendant jobs at Delta.
Delta leverages 'big data' to drive thoughtful customer service in sky
Flight attendants are empowered to deliver enhanced, informed customer recognition.