Customers on around 55 domestic flight segments a day will have an opportunity to surf the internet free of charge, starting May 13.
Airbus, Delta, OneWeb, Sprint, and Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) announce the formation of the Seamless Air Alliance – which will usher in a new era of innovation for airlines on all routes. By empowering...
The airline recently updated its 100th aircraft with improved high-speed Wi-Fi, powered by Gogo 2Ku's industry-leading in-flight Wi-Fi technology.
Voter registration screen
“We want to ensure customers have the ability to participate in the political process in every way possible while they are traveling with us,” a Delta leader said.
A first-of-its-kind fleet-wide agreement between Delta Private Jets (DPJ) and Gogo will soon deliver a 4G in-flight experience to DPJ’s customers. DPJ , a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, plans to...