1964 (Article)

The Deltamatic reservation system starts with IBM 7074 computers.

1990 (Article)

Delta is the first airline to offer MD-11 jet service in the U.S. Delta, Northwest Airlines, and TWA combine reservation systems, forming WORLDSPAN Travel Information Services. Delta and 23 civilian...

2008 (Article)

Delta acquires Northwest Airlines, creating a global airline with major operations in every region of the world. Delta grants approximately 15 percent of new company’s stock to employees. Becomes...

1948 (Article)

First U.S. interchange service with TWA personnel flying Delta planes from Cincinnati to Detroit and Delta crews flying TWA ships south to Atlanta, Miami and Dallas.

1973 (Article)

L-1011 TriStar service introduced.

1934 (Article)

Delta receives Air Mail Route 24 from Post Office; resumes passenger service. Begins operating as Delta Air Lines.

1961 (Article)

Flies first nonstop service from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Delta links California and the Caribbean with first jet service from California to Montego Bay and Caracas. Delta receives National Safety...

1987 (Article)

Western Airlines merges with Delta; becomes the fourth largest U.S. carrier and fifth largest world carrier. Delta's first trans-Pacific service begins: Atlanta to Portland, Oregon, to Tokyo. Ronald...

2006 (Article)

Service to more destinations than any global airline with 124 new nonstop routes and 41 destinations. Delta is National Safety Council's 2006 Occupational Industry Leader—the first airline recognized...

1971 (Article)

W.T. Beebe becomes Chairman and CEO. Delta Dash (cargo service for small packages) begins.