Just before Memorial Day, a Pearl Harbor veteran made it to his final resting place. Delta's Honor Guard escorted him home on Thursday.​
Delta lets soldiers, veterans relax before flying home for holidays
Now in its 47th year, the Delta Military Lounge opens every December at the Atlanta airport to active-duty military, veterans and family.
Delta’s Honor Guard is a group of employee volunteers who greet every plane that carries the remains of fallen military service men and women.
Case in Museum
Throughout the decades, Delta people worldwide have paid tribute to fellow active employees and retirees who have served the U.S. armed forces, both past and present. In honor of Delta people who...
Now in its 46th year, the Delta Military Lounge provides food and a respite to all active and retired service men and women and their families.
As our plane pushed from gate A19 in Atlanta, I saw a man standing on the ramp. He was prominently holding the American flag, paying tribute as our aircraft slowly taxied by. Despite the hustle of...