Three Gold ADDY Awards for the Delta Kiosk

Gil West (Article)

Gil West is executive vice president and chief operating officer for Delta Air Lines. In his current position, Gil leads the team responsible for safe, reliable operations across the globe, including...
Updated October 2011 With its roots in an innovative 1997 agreement between KLM and Northwest Airlines and the 2007 JV between Delta and Air France, the Delta, Air France-KLM, Alitalia Joint Venture...

Yield (Article)

The amount of passenger revenue earned per revenue passenger mile during a period of time. Often used to indicate changes in average fare prices.

SkyTeam (Article)

An international alliance of carriers that coordinate services, including schedules, frequent flier programs and ticket booking, to offer a vast, global network to customers. Members include Delta,...

Spoke (Article)

A city with nonstop flights to an airline’s hub airport.
Operating revenue earned per available seat mile during a reporting period; also referred to as unit revenue.
Also known as yield management, the widespread industry practice of using computer models to set ticket prices based on customer demand.
The measurement of one paying passenger transported one mile.

SkyMiles (Article)

Delta’s frequent flier program.