Delta’s business class service.
The measure of one seat transported one mile, a common industry standard for determining airline passenger capacity. An aircraft with 100 seats that flies 100 miles will produce 10,000 ASMs.
The airline industry’s primary trade group, located in Washington, D.C.
The service, provided in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration, which controls the flow of aircraft traffic to maximize safety and efficiency.
Updated January 2010

Theresa Wise (Article)

Theresa Wise is senior vice president and chief information officer of Delta Air Lines.

Kevin Shinkle (Article)

Kevin Shinkle is senior vice president and chief communications officer responsible for external communications, media relations and employee and cross-divisional communications throughout Delta's...

Holden Shannon (Article)

Holden Shannon is senior vice president – Corporate Strategy and Real Estate.

Andrea Newman (Article)

Andrea Fischer Newman is senior vice president – Government Affairs with responsibility for international, federal, state and local government affairs.

Paul Jacobson (Article)

Paul Jacobson is executive vice president and chief financial officer responsible for Delta’s global finance organization.